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What is the power move?

It’s when one superhero takes his powers and combines it with the powers of a second superhero. And form a totally brand new power move!


This is the best Tweet ever.


This is the best Tweet ever.


if someone is sending you hate about the tmnt movie just send them this gif it will send them away, it will scare them


if someone is sending you hate about the tmnt movie just send them this gif it will send them away, it will scare them

Deleted scenes cut from the movie




That makes me really sad

TMNT 2014 - Post-Movie Thoughts (mini-rant aka. why did they take out so many great moments?)

So I saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles yesterday, and while I did enjoy it, (April got far more quality time than I thought she would, and that was awesome) I was really disappointed that they cut out ALL the scenes I was looking forward too. Every scene that I got to see pictures and video of them shooting on set during filming was cut!

1) The scene between April and Raph, where she’s holding his hand, and he gives her his Sai’s.

2) One of the turtles (Rapheal I’m assuming) trailing behind April, disguised in a trench coat.

3) April and Vernon inside the turtle’s layer, where she wakes up on that adorable makeshift bed and then goes on a tour of their home led by Mikey (it’s a shame in the final version of the film we didn’t get to see a lot of their living space, given how amazing and detailed pictures of it that came out pre-finished-film looked and how much work must have gone into creating it). You can find the scene on this video of Offical B-Role Footage and you’ll notice many other parts included here that have been cut.

4) April kicking Foot Clan butt

5) April carrying Raph’s Sais in her boots, crouching down while Karai looms over her.

So, what’s the deal? Who decided to cut all the good stuff?

When the movie ended, I felt like there was a lot of potentially great/funny stuff thrown away, stuff I would have loved to see, and that really bothered me.

I guess all we can do now is pray for an extended version when it comes out on Blu-Ray.


If we want to know what women are truly capable of, we have got to stop with this bullshit that says physical strength and its signifiers will somehow diminish a woman’s beauty and femininity. (Ideally it would be nice if we could stop acting as though beauty and femininity are the only things women have to offer the world, but baby steps, yo. Baby steps.) This idea that upper body strength is reserved only for men, and that women shouldn’t dare investigate it for fear of blurring the supposedly rock-solid gender binary (seriously, for something that is supposedly so deeply ingrained in nature, it sure does require a lot of hard work and effort to keep it in place), is ridiculous.

Right now we live in a world where women hear that muscular arms are gross, that we shouldn’t lift weights in case we get too big, that we should only do exercises to elongate our muscles, that we should never eat anything that isn’t a salad, or if we do eat cheeseburgers and steaks, we should make sure we never weigh more than 120 pounds. And then that same culture turns around and says, “Ha! We told you you were weak!

I don’t want to watch TMNT in theaters alone tomorrow like the total loser I am but shit I just might